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android phones

There are many good Android phones out there. However, you may be wondering what the best Android phones in 2016 are. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the best Android phones you should consider buying in 2016.

1. The Moto X Pure- This phone is one of the best Android phones you can buy in 2016. One of the best things about this phone is that it features stereo speakers that are front-facing, and it has an HD display. Not only that, but it has a 21 megapixel camera, which allows you to snap images that are almost true-to-life, and this is regardless of lighting conditions. You can use the Moto X Pure edition to capture amazing video, thanks to its 4K video capture feature.

The Moto X Pure has amazing battery power. You can see this at In fact, it should easily last you all day long, and you can use TurboPower charging, which allows you to get more battery life in just 15 minutes. If you want a new Android phone, then consider buying the Moto X Pure edition.

2. LG V10- One of the best and most unique Android phones is the LG V10, which has a 5.7-inch display, as well as dual front-facing cameras. It also has a fingerprint scanner and it has 4GB of memory space, which is very generous. You will love this phone because you will be able to quickly check on things such as the weather and battery power, and this is thanks to the second screen that is always on. The second screen is located right above the main screen and let’s not forget to mentioned that this phone has a durable build and it is reliable.

3. Nexus 5X- This phone features a powerful camera that allows you to capture realistic photos, and it has a powerful processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon). This means you can rest assure everything will run quickly on it. Not only is the phone’s performance impressive and it’s overall design is impressive, but it offers you good security options thanks to the fingerprint sensor it is equipped with. Don’t worry because you will be able to unlock your phone with ease and you will be able to access compatible apps with just a single touch.

4. Galaxy S7- Another good Android phone you should consider getting in 2016 is the Galaxy S7, which has a waterproof design, so if you are often by water or find yourself travelling while it’s raining outside, then you will love the Galaxy S7. Not only does it have a great waterproof design, but the screen is impressive and so is its overall power. Just like the other phones previously mentioned, the S7 also has an amazing camera and it features a fingerprint magnet, as well as 32GB of internal space. If you’re looking for an affordable Android phone that is fast, powerful and has a decent amount of memory and you want one that takes excellent photos, videos and that is waterproof, then look no further than the Galaxy S7.

There are a lot of other phones and also phone cases if you’re looking for that out there, but the ones discussed above are some of the best Android phones of 2016. All of the above phones are unique in their own way and they are packed with useful features and they are all powerful, look great and are priced fairly. What you want to do now is compare each of the phones discussed above and then decide which one you like the best. Regardless of which phone you decide to buy, you will be happy with your purchase.

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weight loss doctors image

Don’t you just love the excitement that comes with starting a weight loss program? You are motivated, you have your goals set, you know what you want to do and you’re ready to rock. The only problem is it’s much easier said than done. There are all kinds of decisions you face that can easily derail your dietary efforts. That being said, why not pick up a few extra tips to help guide you along as you start trying to make the scale give you the number you want to see.

Certainly you have a goal weight in mind, and you’re going to do everything you can to get there. Let’s put a simple addition rule into play. So many people think about dietary restrictions, and that can get very difficult. Moreover, it keeps your mind on the wrong foods. Instead of thinking about things this way, why not think about adding foods to your diet. No one wants to starve while dieting, and this is one way to keep yourself motivated.

So how do you go about adding foods? It’s simple, as all you have to do is add the right foods. If you get creative, there are plenty of great foods and food recipes out there that won’t leave you craving the wrong dishes. You can always grab a piece of fruit, and again, when things get really tough, why not search out healthy recipes online that you can make that use all kinds of great tasting ingredients? Think about adding foods, not taking them away.

When it comes to exercise, think about what you enjoy doing that would give you a workout. Then you can stop thinking about it as exercise. How do you do that? You know that saying about how you don’t really work if you enjoy what you’re doing. The same rule can apply to working out. My mom and I enjoy walking in the park while I’m visiting. It’s exercise, but it’s also our time to talk and not have all the distractions in our way.

Maybe you enjoy bike riding or playing basketball. There are all kinds of sports that you can play and other activities that you might enjoy as well. Really think about it for a minute, and plan some activities that you know would put you in a position where you wouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to exercise.

You know you spend time watching television and seeing celebrities lose weight like everyone else. It’s easy to forget this next step, but it’s also very easy to make it a fun habit if you make yourself do it. What is it? Exercise while you’re sitting there watching television. No, you don’t want to make it a high impact workout or exercise the entire time. However, you can get some reps in using weights or simply exercise while sitting in other ways.

Think about how the tips given to you involve working smarter, not necessarily harder. You’ve been told to add food instead of take it away, make television a workout experience at times and look for exercises that you truly enjoy doing. When you’re searching for other weight loss tips, don’t look for restrictive ones. Find tips like these that help make your experience a more pleasant one. Losing weight may not be easy, but you can stack the deck in your favor.

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song saa

Cambodia is well-known for its rich culture, as well as its ancient temple complex called Ankor Wat, but you may have never realized that you can enjoy a beach vacation in Cambodia, and it can be a luxurious one. In fact, it is very realistic to be able to get to Cambodia and enjoy it. Let’s not forget to mentioned that the country borders Thailand, and Cambodia is one of the best places to go to for when you want to go on a great vacation. One of the best spots to visit in Cambodia is Song Saa Private Island.

Soong Saa takes up two small islands, and it is located right in Cambodia’s Koh Rong archipelago, and those two islands are connect via a footbridge. The islets are referred to Soong Saa, and the sea is a protected marine reserve. This is one of the reasons why you should consider staying here, but there are many other reasons why you should take a vacation to Soong Saa.

Song Saa not only has plenty of facilities that you can find at that are top class, but the island even offers you the chance to enjoy plenty of privacy and serenity, and don’t forget that it’s actually the only resort in the archipelago, and when you go there to vacation you will enjoy bungalows that overlook the water, as well as private pools at some of the bungalows. You will love having views of the ocean, and if you love the outdoors, then you will be pleased to know that many of the bungalows have features such as furniture made from fishing boat timber and driftwood. This resort also has marine biologists that take care of the marine reserve, as well as look after the waste management projects and recycling projects.

The island has an amazing restaurant and lounge. It is located right off the island’s shoreline. When you dine here, you will be able to enjoy excellent tasting food, and you will love the ocean views. If you are a fan of the ocean and you love good food, then you will want to pay a visit to the restaurant and lounge.

This resort is where you can go to and forget all your worries, and you will not have to worry about pricing policy because managements includes it. In other words, the amount you pay per night to stay at the villa will include access to plenty of amenities that the resort has. Some of these amenities and facilities include a center where you can perform yoga and meditation, as well as a huge pool and a gym, and you can do various water activities such as boating and snorkeling.

You will have to pay extra for certain things, such as spa treatments and any adventure trips you wish to go on. You don’t have to shop at the mainland either because the resort have a nice boutique, which is where you can find various items. Some of these items includes clothes, artwork that was created locally and much more.

Let’s not forget to mentioned you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy a picnic or you can just watch the ocean from your room. However, feel free to explore the surrounding area or take a kayak out on the water or take a hike in the jungle, as this will provide you with some excitement. Also, take a trip to the village of Prek Svay or go to Koh Rong. All you have to do now is book a trip to Song Saa and experience the trip of a lifetime.

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garcinia cambogia fruit

A small plant that grows in Southeast Asia called Garcinia Cambogia has a fruit that that has taken the weight loss world by storm. Ever since Garcinia Cambogia was introduced by Dr. Oz on his television show as a weight loss supplement, sales went through the roof and have remained there over the past 5 years or so.

Dr. Oz ran his own clinical study that showed great promise and the rest of the world has jumped on the bandwagon and the results are in. The product that is sold to the public comes in a capsule form, and the suggested dosage is to take two of the capsules about an hour before meals, twice a day.

The Garcinia Cambogia has an ingredient that suppresses the appetite, so people do not feel as hungry during meals. This causes them to not eat as much as they normally would, which decreases their food content. Over time they will know the best cara nak kuruskan badan due to this factor alone.

Secondly, the fruit of the Garcinia Cambogia contains an ingredient that is named Hydrosycitric Acid, or HCA for short. This substance is an actual fat burner in that it metabolizes the fat intake from our meals before it is stored in the fat cells of the body. This means that a larger portion of the fat that we eat is burnt as energy, which also gives the participant a good boost in their energy each day that they take the supplement.

There is no real requirement for an individual to take part any additional exercise routines or even to go on a special diet of any kind. Just the two factors of the appetite being suppressed and then the Hydroxycitric Acid works, metabolizing the fat from the body. Of course, if a person wants to go on a diet, or exercise, the benefits of using the substance will be greater.

Since a number of different companies are now marketing the product, it would be well advised to take a supplement that is largely made up of the Garcinia Cambogia compound, rather than a product that is full of substitutes and fillers. Read the label of the bottle and look for a product that is as near the 100% mark of pure Garcinia Cambogia as possible.

Studies have been done with both lab animals and with people, and it is clear that a regular usage of Garcinia Cambogia works, and it works well.

There also appears that taking Garcinia Cambogia orĀ rasberry ketone malaysia causes little to no side effects, and this is very good because some people are sensitive and allergic to almost anything that falls outside of what they are used to eating or taking on a regular basis. Since almost everyone can take this supplement, it is at least worth trying if you have difficulty losing weight and maintaining it.

Taking just two pills before each main meal many not sound like much, but if you can actually lose significant weight by just taking these pills, then you might want to give Garcinia Cambogia a try, as it will probably work well for you as it has already for millions of people all across the world.


Garcinia has taken the world by storm and even Garcinia Cambogia Malaysia is being sold worldwide. It is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that studies has shown it to be effective and without any severe side effects.